Brian Beane, Mentor To Millions
Creator of Extra Digit Income

Before retiring at age 22, Brian Beane struggled in Corporate America earning 3 figures bi-weekly.  After starting a home based business, he went from earning 4 figures per week to 5 figures per month. Reaching 6 figures per year became a 7 figure career , and Mr. Beane has been teaching Personal and Economic Empowerment all over the world for over a decade. After discovering that the most successful people in the world use a strategy as opposed to sales to create wealth, the Extra Digit Movement was born!


Step 2: The Origin of EDM - 2 Financial Objectives

Step 3: Overcoming Your 4 Financial Challenges...

Keep More of Your Money


"It's not myEcon that's gonna make you wealthy, It's not your work that's gonna make you wealthy, it's not another degree that's gonna make you wealthy. It's your own money!"
Ivey Stokes
- CEO, myEcon, Inc.

5 Questions To Consider

If America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world:

  • Are the majority of Americans struggling financially? Y/N
  • Are the majority of Americans overpaying taxes and getting tax refunds? Y/N
  • Are the the majority of Americans in debt? Y/N
  • Are the majority of Americans unhappy with their retirement plan? Y/N
  • Are the majority of Americans in need of solutions for questions 1-4? Y/N



Step 4: Your 3 Financial Solutions - "369"

"We went from questioning one another about gas money, to creating over $3800 in cashflow in 60 days!" - Derrick & Sonya Jones


Step 5: More Cashflow Success Stories!!

How Much Money Does Your Money Bring You?

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