Step 1: Watch Extra Digit's "3-6-9 Financial Transformation" Videos

"So what's this '3-6-9 Financial Transformation' all about?"

  • Create a positive cashflow within your 1st 3 months.
  • Create an extra $1000 weekly within your 1st 6 months
  • Create investment income within your 1st 9 months

Brian Beane, Founder of the Extra Digit Movement and Creator of P.A.Y.S. Access

Before retiring at age 22, Brian Beane struggled in Corporate America earning 3 figures bi-weekly.  After starting a home based business, he went from earning 4 figures per week to 5 figures per month. Reaching 6 figures per year became a 7 figure career , and Mr. Beane has been teaching Personal and Economic Empowerment all over the world for over a decade. After discovering that the most successful people in the world use a strategy as opposed to sales to create wealth, the Extra Digit Movement was born!

Start Shifting Your Mindset and Income - Watch Videos 1-4

Video 1: The Origin of E.D.M. - 2 Financial Objectives

Video 3: Your 3 Financial Solutions - "369"

Video 2: Overcoming Your 4 Financial Challenges

Video 4: More Cashflow Success Stories

6 Questions To Consider

If America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world...

  • Are you struggling financially?

  • Are you overpaying taxes and getting tax refunds?

  • Are you tired of debt?

  • Are you unhappy with your retirement plan?

  • Are you working for money instead of money working for you?

  • Are you in need of a solution to questions 1-5?

The myEcon Membership/Software Begins Your Tax Minimization
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Cash Flow Manager:
Show the Government you're in business.

Cash Flow Strategist:
Our software helps your achieve your freedom goal.

Your Membership Puts You On the RIGHT Financial Track!

What are the 1st 4 financial goals we will help you achieve?

  • 1. Build Your Mini Emergency Fund ($3,000)

    “Emergencies” become mere “inconveniences” when you are prepared!

  • 2. Establish Your True Emergency Fund (6 Months in Expenses Saved)

    Your stress level is a direct reflection of your emergency fund!

  • 3. Open Your Money Management Account

    You deserve wholesale returns on your money, not retail returns!

  • 4. Start Playing By the Rules of the Wealthy

    Your money should work for you, you should not work for money!

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